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Kennedy (Nightbus) Soundcloud Tour

The funky homosapien Kennedy from Nightbus is taking a bus, by himself, to 10 different cities across America.  In each city he is going to find someone to write one song with. (They dont have to be a musician.) Then, he will post each new song on Soundcloud along with and interview and documentary of his experience in that city.  Fans and friends will comment and pick the songs they like the best on Soundcloud. It will be up to people on Facebook and Soundcloud in each city to interact with him and help him seek out the craziest freaks to record with.  I caught up with Kennedy for the filming of his Karate music video HERE, and also a few months ago in Miami I got to open up for him at a couple of shows.  I can personally tell you, writing music with this maniac would be like eating Gushers on meth.  So harass him on Facebook and comment on his Soundcloud for your chance to write a song with the dude!